Core Values: Honor, Courage, Commitment

Recruits learn, from day one, that to be a Marine means doing what is right in the face of overwhelming adversity.

To understand how to do what is right, recruits and Marines are taught about ethics and the core values of the Marine Corps. The Corps' core values are Honor, Courage, and Commitment. These values make up the bedrock of a Marine's character. During recruit training, recruits are taught these core values and numerous others related to them, such as integrity, discipline, teamwork, duty, and "esprit de corps."

"Team Week" is a time for recruits to demonstrate that they understand how to do what is right and that they have been instilled with the Marine Corps' ethics and core values.

Team Week tests team building efforts and allows recruits to work in an environment of minimal supervision. At this point in training, recruits are expected to demonstrate a higher degree of maturity and assume more responsibility. Some recruits will work in small groups around the Depot and will not be under the direct supervision of their drill instructors. By now, the recruits will have developed a high degree of discipline and understanding of teamwork, and will be functioning as well drilled unit. Team Week is their first opportunity for recruits to show their drill instructors and company officers how close they are to becoming Marines.

The recruits are now more than half-way through recruit training. While there is no official title of "Senior Recruit," at this phase of training the recruits are on the verge of entering Third Phase of recruit training, during which they will face the challenges of Basic Warrior Training (BWT) and the Crucible.

Above information found on the Parris Island web site, August, 2009.

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Core Values

Marines of Support Battalion make their way back to the finish line during the log race at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, Januar 21, 2015. Throughout the course, one could hear each team of Marines motivating each other to keep pushing.
—USMC Photo by Sgt. Benjamin E. Woodle.

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