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Sandboxx Makes Graduation Travel Easy

Use Sandboxx Travel for all of your graduation travel arrangements. With over 15 years military travel experience their agents can recommend and book the best flights, hotel and car, as well as your recruit's ticket on the same flight. They will also contact your recruit with his flight itinerary. We recommend families make travel arrangements as early as three weeks after your recruit ships to boot camp to get the best prices (especially during the summer months.)

*Worried about date changes? Sandboxx offers a special program allowing for free date changes on flights and full reimbursement if your recruit doesn't complete graduation.


Book Your Trip to Boot Camp Graduation

Use the search bar below to start your travel arrangements or use the chat interface in the bottom right corner of your screen to contact Sandboxx for assistance.


Click here to book your flight.


Free Cancellation

Sandboxx families can cancel within 72 hours of arrival for free.


Tickets for Recruits

Sandboxx offers Military Class tickets for your recruit's flight home and will make sure they are on your same flight. Sandboxx will also notify your recruit of arrangements.


Sandboxx Approved

Reserve one of Sandboxx's recommended hotels to receive the best rates and benefits.


No More Change Fees

The Travel Plus Protection program waives all change fees if you need to change your dates, plus a 100% reimbursement if graduation is not completed.

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From the Founder of

Dear Recruit Family Members,

It is rare that I find a company that is in business to do the right thing. I've found that in SANDBOXX. The SANDBOXX Travel program is here to serve YOU, the family members of our military personnel, from boot camp graduations to travel during your Marine's career in the Corps, for both YOU, the family, AND your beloved Marine.

Making travel arrangements to attend boot camp graduation has been a huge gamble in the past; if you waited too long, the airline tickets were too expensive but if you bought them early and your recruit's graduation date changed for unforseen circumstances, you lose your money and the ticket. If you want your newly-minted Marine to travel home with his/her family, it was near impossible to not only arrange, but to notify your recruit.

SANDBOXX Travel understood the problem, and they put a no-risk solution in place. Through SANDBOXX Travel, you can buy your tickets as early as training week 2 (better pricing!) and with the add-on of travel assurance, if there are changes to the graduation date, they'll help you re-do your ticket, refund your ticket, and/or create a travel credit to be used at a later date. As an added bonus, they'll notify your recruit of the travel plans and if you choose to do so, they'll help you book your recruit's ticket home (traveling WITH YOU) after boot camp as well.

This is a win/win. I want to personally thank SANDBOXX Travel staff for solving the conundrum our recruit family members have been experiencing for literally years. THANK YOU SANDBOXX! And I want to encourage you, the recruit family members, to book your travel through SANDBOXX Travel and save yourself a ton of worry.

We've got help pages and Sandboxx Chat throughout our website. You can start booking your travel for graduation during Training Week 2 (which is the third week after your recruit has shipped to boot camp).

As your Marine moves through the stages of his/her career in the Corps, SANDBOXX Travel will help you with tickets to visit your Marine as well as travel home for leave. SANDBOXX, like, is here for YOU, the Marine Corps family and our Marines. Ooh Rah!

We're looking forward to a great partnership with Sandboxx!

God Bless and Semper Fi,

Tracy Della Vecchia signature

Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder and Executive Director

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