The Marine Graduation Foundation: An IRS-Approved Public Charity


Requesting Assistance and Making Donations

If you need help with travel expenses for graduation, please apply at, an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) public charity serving the Marine Corps and recruit family community for more than ten years.

If you would like to assist others with travel expenses, we encourage you to make your donation directly to the foundation rather than through GoFundMe, Fundrazr, or other crowdfunding websites.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fraudulent fundraising that happens with family members of recruits for travel and "DI Dinners". The Marine Corps prohibits a Drill Instructor from accepting gifts from family members, and that includes paying for dinners. PLEASE, use caution before donating to anything. Verify EIN numbers with the IRS website database. Simply plug in the EIN of the organization claiming to be nonprofit on this IRS website:

Solicitating donations for travel expenses is NOT allowed in our groups. We work with the MGF only—they are reliable, have 10 years experience, perform external audits each year, have transparent accounting, and file annual 990s with the IRS. You will find their EIN in the IRS database.

Marine Graduation Foundation: Public Charity IRS Approved
— MGF Graphic, used with permission.
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